Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sock Summit Loot - After the Event

After Sock Summit, I got home and thought about all the neat things that I saw. There were only two things that I figured I could not live without.

First, I tried on some Dansko's that I liked, but they didn't have my size in black. I searched the web and found some in stock and ordered a pair. I am looking forward to knitting up some pretty socks to show off in these pretty shoes.

Secondly, I really wanted some BMFA Socks that Rock in the Sock Summit themed colorway, Sockgate. I went to the website and saw that it, along with ST-1 and ST-2 were listed and in stock; so, I added all three to my shopping cart. Then, I checked out the Knitters Without Borders colorway that I have long admired. They did not bring that one to the show, but I feel that 1. it's pretty and 2. I support the cause; so, badda-bing! A skein was added to my shopping cart as well.

From left to right - Sockgate, ST-2, ST-1 and Knitters Without Borders.

That's all folks!

MK out.


Lorette said...

Nice loot! I love those shoes.

Merry Karma said...

Why thanky!