Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Yarn Harlot Pays a Visit

The Yarn Harlot finally made an appearance in DFW last night, when she stopped at Legacy Books in Plano for a book signing. If you've never heard about the Yarn Harlot before, Dude - you are seriously behind the times. True, she writes a lot about knitting, but the knitting applies to life, in general.

Stephanie is a humorist, if you need a word to classify her, but she is much more than that. She can move knitters to do her bidding. Because of her, in the name of Knitters Without Borders, donations to Doctors Without Borders total $590,768.00 at last count. This figure far exceeds the original goal of $100,000.00. The new goal is a cool million, and I think it will be achieved. Stephanie and a few other glitterati in the knitting world have organized a huge Sock Summit in Portland, OR this August. The registrations opened this past Tuesday at 12:00PM CST, and the 30,000 simultaneous connections, besides crashing the super-server, easily filled the 4000 available class spots in about 10 seconds. The organizers have lured several matriarchs of knitting out of retirement to participate in this event. Y'all do not even have to ask if the Merry Karma will attend. (Duh!)

Here's a fraction of the SRO crowd that came to the booksigning. Most of the girls in the forefront are The RockStars. They are some pretty cool friends of mine.

Stephanie gave a nice little talk about the general misconceptions about knitting. It was funny, and oh so true.

I made a new friend, Melanie of Pink Lemon Twist. That shawl - she designed it.

Here's a future knitter wearing a handknit sweater. Her mommy is a friend of mine.

Royalty visits visiting royalty in full regalia. That's a Merry Karmaism.

It was a fun evening. You should be sad you missed it.

MK out.



thanks for the commentary! i couldn't go...this helped

Tasha said...

You are too cute, you know that?

Merry Karma said...

Sandy - Sorry you couldn't go.

Tasha - Thanks, but you're cuter.