Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Couple of Flicks

Life has been full lately. The baseball team is out of the playoffs - more on that in another post. I've been knitting, knitting, knitting. The Kid is graduating from high school next week.

I have a couple of posts to knock out, and will start today with some movies I've seen recently:

In Be Kind Rewind, Jack Black inadvertently erases all the videos in a little neighborhood video store, and he and the employee entrusted to run the store while the owner is away, try to refilm - or swede (as they call it) - all the movies. It was cute, but silly in parts.

Charlie Bartlett is about a rich boy having to go to public school and ends up being the students’ psychoanalyst. Hope Davis, Robert Downey, Jr. and Anton Yelchin (who plays Charlie) star in this sweet little movie. It was good.

Tell No One is a good film in French with English subtitles. A woman is killed by a serial killer. Eight years later, her husband receives an e-mail that appears to be from his wife with a link to a video in which she appears alive and well. It’s a suspenseful movie with a complicated plot. Kristen Scott Thomas is in this film. I recognize some of the other actors from other films that I’ve watched, but don’t really know any of them well. It was pretty good.

Finally, one of my readers mentioned The Great Debaters as being a good film to watch. It was on my Blockbuster queue, and it came the day after her suggestion. The movie is based on a true story about a professor at an East Texas all-minority college who coaches his debate team all the way to a debate with the Harvard squad. Denzel Washington stars as the coach. Forest Whittaker plays a minister who is the father of one of the team members. It was good.

MK out.

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