Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Movies

I have not been to the movie theater in the last several weeks. Baseball season and the lack of movies worth fighting the traffic have been the main reasons.

I have been catching up with a few flicks on my Blockbuster Online queue:

Audrey (Halle Berry) was married to Steve (David Duchovny) in Things We Lost in the Fire. Jerry (Benicio Del Toro) was Steve’s best friend from childhood. After Steve dies, Audrey starts depending on Jerry to help her through. It was pretty good.

Wristcutters is one of those movies for which one must suspend belief at the onset. This guy commits suicide and transitions to an afterlife that he shares with others who have taken their own lives. When he finds out that his girlfriend also kills herself, he sets out to find her. It was kinda quirky…OK, very quirky.

Starting Out in the Evening is an interesting movie with Frank Langella, Lauren Ambrose and Lili Taylor. Leonard Schiller (Langella) was once a famous author, who now spends his time trying to finish a novel that he has been writing for 10 years. A graduate student (Ambrose) talks him into allowing her to write her thesis about him and his works. He realizes how lonely he’s been all these years. His daughter (Taylor) has her own issues. It was pretty good.

In The Good Evening, Gary (Martin Freeman) and Dora (Gwyneth Paltrow) are living together in a less than exciting relationship. Gary, a talented musician, now writes jingles for a living. He is rather bothered by his lot in life and starts dreaming about the perfect woman (Penelope Cruz). Shortly after, he meets her in the flesh, and then has to reconcile his dreams from his real life. It was alright.
My Kid Could Paint That is a documentary about a four-year-old girl who allegedly painted some big canvases that were pretty good. A family friend who owned a coffee shop sold a painting of hers that Marla’s parents had given him. The demand for her work drove the prices up, and attracted worldwide attention. Whether she actually did the painting all by herself has been questioned. It was very interesting.

Marley and Me is a cute movie, and the trailers lead one to think that it is just a zany comedy. Although there are many funny parts, there are many sad ones too. Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson play a married couple who start out in life with a puppy, Marley. As Marley grows, so does the family. It was good.

Have you seen any good movies lately? Please share.

MK out.

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i think it is called the great debaters and is based on some kids from east texas. very worth the time to watch!!!