Friday, January 2, 2009

FOs on a Friday

Finally finished the October 2008 socks in November.

Started these hats for charity in November and finished them in December.

Started and finished this little baby gift in November. It's from the first Mason Dixon Knitting book.

Quick knit and cute!

Made this washcloth in December - mostly movie knitting.

And finally - the moment for which you've been waiting....

The February Lady Sweater...started in August, and finally finished on the last day of 2008.

There are more finished objects, but I will save them for another post. I got cracking in November and tried to finish as many WIPs as possible. As you can see, I did start a couple too. I can't help's that dang Knitting ADD.

The main objective, though, was to finish the February Lady Sweater, and I did it! Intrestingly, all of the projects, except the FLS were knit from yarn that was already in the stash at the beginning of 2008. I think I've been pretty good about making thoughtful purchases this year, and not buying willy-nilly, just because something is "a good deal." Anyway, I really like the way the sweater turned out, and I really loved knitting with the MadelineTosh Tosh worsted in the Oxblood colorway.

I hope to continue thoughtful purchasing in the coming year, as well as knitting from stash and finishing projects that I start on a more timely basis. More on how the year ended for me as far as stash busting, and the pictures of the rest of the FOs, next time.

MK out.

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