Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kick Off to the Holiday Season

My friend Jules and I decided that we should spend a half-day at the Spa at Coldwater Creek and start off the holiday season all relaxed and looking our best. After our pamper session, we walked over to Patrizio's for a quick bite. It was a lovely day and a great way to get ready for the onslaught that we know as "The Holidays."

So....movies - seen in the theater:

The Duchess, with Keira Knightley is a very good film, based on a true historical figure, Georgiana Spencer Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire. Ralph Fiennes plays the Duke. Georgaina is a clever young woman, who becomes the fashion and celebrity icon of her time. Much reminiscent of a certain other beautiful British figure (whose last name was Spencer before she married her cold, older man) of our time. It was well acted and beautiful to watch. Good movie.
Rachel Getting Married with Anne Hathaway is about a girl (Kym) who gets out of rehab and comes home in the midst of preparations for her sister’s wedding. The family is on pins and needles, as Kym is an emotional tornado who can unleash her fury at the most inopportune moments. It was very good. Anne Hathaway did a mighty fine acting job.
The title of Zack and Miri Make a Porno should clue one in on the subject matter of this movie. That aside, I really wasn’t expecting it to be so graphic. (Yeah, I know…Pollyannaish of me, for sure.) Seth Roden and Elizabeth Banks star in this predictable story of two friends since high school who are living together to make ends meet. They get very behind in their bills and decide to make a pornographic film to raise money to pay the rent and utilities. If you can get past the raunch and predictability, it was pretty funny. The sad thing about it, it is rated R. It really should be NC-17, IMHO.
If Angelina Jolie doesn’t snag a nomination for her role in The Changeling, all is not right in the world. This movie is set in the late 1920’s and is based on a true story about the disappearance of a single mom’s son. The police bring her a boy whom they have identified to be her son, but in actuality, he is not. The movie was well acted across the board. It was excellent.

Until next time...

MK out.

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