Friday, July 11, 2008

The One With the Bear

I just returned from a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with a group of friends from college. We had a great time. We get together every two years and pick up where we left off. This year, one of the girls opened her vacation home to the group; so, how could we say no?

I've been to Jackson Hole a few times, and it is definitely a place to visit again and again. The scenery is beautiful, and it is a nice, restful place - away from the hustle-bustle that is my real life.

Mollie, our hostess, is rather athletic. She lined up some activities that we probably wouldn't have chosen had we been left to our own devices, but were glad that we had her there to show us the light. One thing we did was take a relatively short hike to Inspiration Point at Jenny Lake. Relatively is the operative word, but it really was fun. On our way down to the boat dock to take the ferry across the lake back to the beginning point of our adventure, I was walking merrily along behind a group of people who suddenly stopped. Just ahead of us, about 20 yards ahead, a toddler aged bear crossed the path, heading down the side of the mountain towards the lake. The group ahead of me was trying to catch up to it to get a picture. As I was witnessing this scene, the words going through my mind were: Oh, there's a bear...It's not a brown bear...It's not black...It's kinda light brown...tannish...blondish...yellowish....OMG, it's a grizzly!!! Those fools are trying to get a picture of a grizzly bear...Uh...Where's mama bear?...I'm outta here!

So, no picture of the bear for me. I just kept walking towards the ferry dock.

Pics of the trip to follow.

MK out.

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Lorette said...

People trying to get close up photos of a grizzly cub: The Darwin principle at work. :-)