Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Lesson Before Dye-ing

A more apt title would be A Lesson Before in, I need a lesson before washing.

We are back from one of our summer trips - we went to Florida. First, I went to the G for a family wedding the weekend prior to departure for Florida. We were planning to leave 2 days later; so, I had all the wash caught up and the pack lists ready. The stinky thing is that there is a flurry of wash before leaving for a trip, and a flurry of wash upon returning home.

Yesterday, I threw in a load of lights, mostly comprised of turquoise, with few tans and pinks thrown in.

I pulled out my wash, and thought that it looked a little funny.

The clothes on the left were not in that wash cycle. The clothes on the right were.

The top on the right side looked worse right out of the washer, but since it has dried, it looks closer in color to the one on the left.

The panties, however, are a lost cause. They don't look darker just because they are partly obscured by shadow.

Here's the culprit. It's a top I knitted a few years ago out of Elsbeth Lavold's Cotton Patine in a turquoise shade.

I thought it would be safe to add that sweater to my wash, since it was a delicate load, in cold water with like colors.

I thought wrong.

MK out.

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