Sunday, June 1, 2008

What I Will Do Over Summer Hiatus

Summer Hiatus??? Not Summer Vacation???

Yup, hiatus, because now all the good shows have screened their season finales, and we must wait all summer to see:
1. Who is that man that Susan came home to on Desperate Housewives?
2. Where did the island go to on Lost? And will Desmond and Penny live happily ever after?
3. Will Lindsey and new boyfriend (I suck with names sometimes) survive their long distance relationship on Women's Murder Club? - Hey, I heard a rumor that this show was cancelled. Is that true? Just when the chemistry starts clicking between the characters, they go and cancel it? Seriously?
4. Speaking of Seriously? Now that Mer and Der are back together, what will keep us watching on Grey's Anatomy?
5. Since Men in Trees was cancelled, how will Anne Heche come up with the $15,000/month in family support that she has been giving to her ex-husband and kids? Are there any shows left to wrap up any loose ends? Like - now that Patrick got his memory back, will we get to see him get back together with Annie as the coming attractions hinted after last week's show?
6. In Back to You, will Chuck and Kelly ever get together and raise their child and have more?
7. Who got on the ambulance in ER?

8. Who is the real other sibling in Brothers and Sisters?

In the meantime, I will be knitting and travelling and getting together with friends and watching a lot of movies...

What about you?

MK out.

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