Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trends Part 2

Lucy Neatby, another Rock Star in the knitting world, came to The Woolie Ewe and taught a couple of workshops.

Lucy and me.

Sue and Audrey.

Betty and Tasha.

Of course, I bought some of Lucy's yarn - Celestial Merino and Cat's Pajamas - to make some socks.

The battery is dead in my camera; so, while you are waiting to see the yummy colored yarn, I will leave you with a diversion...almost as yummy:

In other news, my BFF Amy and I have a two person sock club going. We started in March. I knitted up my Opal Zebra colorway - and just finished grafting the toes. So sue me, I'm not the most timely person. Anyway, in April, we did the Monkey pattern, and I had them just about finished, when I decided that they were too small. I had gone down a couple of needle sizes to get gauge, but they were tight getting on my feet. I figured that one too many times of forcing the socks on my feet might prove lethal to them. So....I ripped them out. They are still my April socks, but I will be knitting-and-hopefully-finishing them in May. For May, we have decided to each do a pair of toe up socks. Pictures forthcoming, and all that...

MK out.

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