Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dinner and a Movie

I've been trying to cook more these days. If I plan my menu for the coming week over the weekend and shop on Monday after work, I usually am motivated to cook on weeknights. Lately, I am so tired by the time I get home from work that the thought of prepping a meal feels like I have to climb a mountain and I will think of easier things to make, or find a way to get out of cooking altogether. Fortunately, cooking dinner every or any night is not part of the marital contract at Chez Merry Karma.

The other day at work - I believe it was Monday - I realized that I had not planned my menu for the week. I was waiting for the boss to finish a case; so, we could go rounding and I put that time to good use. I looked up some recipes on the internet and made out my grocery list. I found an easy recipe for Grilled Asian Flank Steak with Sweet Slaw on I arranged the ingredients and they looked so good, I snapped a picture. Actually, the green onions are missing because I came home without any. I sent The Kid back to the store with some money after googling "green onions" on the internet; so, he could see what they looked like (Teenagers!) and off he went. He did the grilling and got very indignant when I told him to put the grill on medium high. He told me that our grill was super hot and medium to medium low would be adequate. It was not quite, but dinner was good none-the-less.

So, it's Memorial Day Weekend and it's a great time to go see a movie with the family. We want to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It's also a great time to watch DVDs and lay around and relax.

Here's some movies I've watched recently:
December Boys – Definitely a renter, this movie is about a group of Australian orphan boys who are sent on a month-long trip to the shore. A rumor that one of them might be adopted crops up and tensions rise that threaten to destroy the friendships. It was alright. Of note, Daniel Radcliffe (THE Harry Potter) stars in this movie.
Down in the Valley – In one word – meh. This movie was without point. Evan Rachel Wood plays a teenager who meets a drifter (Edward Norton) who is much older than she it. They soon start dating, worrying her father (David Morse) – the sheriff of their little town. Things turn ugly, but at that point – who cares?
I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With – What a cute, quirky little film! An overweight, out of work actor is looking for love. He thinks he finds it in this quirky ice cream parlor girl (played by Sarah Silverman).
27 Dresses – Another cute, but rather chick flick with Katherine Heigl as a woman who has been a bridesmaid 27 times and is still not married. She has a thing for her boss, who barely knows that she is alive.
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly – This movie is adapted from the autobiographical book about a man who was a wild and crazy guy one minute, and a stroke victim the next. With his brainstem affected, he could only move his eye muscles, and one eye was sewed shut. The book was dictated by him blinking yes or no and his transcriptionist going through a special alphabet one letter at a time to form words. Sadly, he died a few weeks after the book was published. It was very interesting and touching.
Touch the Sound – This documentary is about Evelyn Glennie, a world-renowned percussionist, who is deaf. It was an intersting look at the life of this extraordinary individual.
PS, I Love You – A woman’s dead husband helps her get past her grief and get back into life. It was cute, and definitely a renter.
Seraphim Falls – Pierce Brosnan plays a man hunted down by the man against whom he committed an unforgivable act (Liam Neeson). It was slow and it was long.

Have a good one.

MK out.

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