Friday, November 18, 2016

FO Friday - 11/18/2016

Don't faint.

I finished the first of three Loopy Academy projects for this semester.

Pattern: Opal Sock Bunny by Susan B. Anderson and Poppy Cardigan 
Yarn: The Loooy Ewe Solid Series in Ice and Slate Blue
Comments: We were instructed to make a toy as one of our assignments. To make the 250 yards requirement, I made a little cardi for the fellow. I also lengthened his body and appendages. After it was all said and done, his head should've been bigger, but it's a complete-as-you-go kind of scheme. File that one away, People.

I have never been a toy knitting kind of gal. It's just never interested me. Making this project hasn't peaked my interest, but I guess I would make another should the need ever arise in the future.

Remember those little needle keepers from earlier this month?

I decided to make do with cutting some narrow strips of the wool for the ties. They are both felted wools; so, no finishing of raw edges required.

I just attached them and we are done!

The score for Loopy's Monthly Mixers is - I am totally finished through July with the sewing and the knitting projects. (I didn't do a May knitting project by choice.) I need to finish August's sewing project. The September knitting project is OTN and the sewing project has been planned. The October knitting project is OTN. The November knitting project is almost done. I'm not sure what I am going to make for the sewing project yet.

Loopy Academy is a bit more tenuous. There's one down and two to go for the knitting. I have one of them OTN; so, at least there's that. I have all three to go for the sewing - one is cut out and ready to go; another is a stack of fabric at the moment and the third isn't even a plan.

I'd better get busy!

MK out.

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