Thursday, May 12, 2016


...I've got too much time on my hands.

Remember the recent quilt and pillowcase I made for the Princess Niece, and how I made her Bitty Baby a coordinating quilt and pillow/pillowcase? Did you notice that the Princess Niece received a little outfit too?

I did, and I concluded that Bitty Baby needed a matching ensemble.

Why yes, yes I did.

It became quite the project though. I searched commercial patterns to find something that resembled the outfit I made for PN. I didn't find any.

I searched Pinterest for tutorials and I found one!

But after making the muslin, I determined that it wasn't made for Bitty Baby. It was a little tight.

A hundred years ago, I took fashion design courses where I learned how to make clothing by draping and flat pattern drafting. I decided to apply some of those lessons (and it's been a while; so, I'm sure I did so imperfectly) in an attempt to make a set of blocks which would allow me to draft all kinds of patterns for Bitty.

First, I draped some fabric on her.

Then, I checked the pieces on her and even had to eliminate a little gaping on the back armscye.

I took the corrected fabric patterns and transferred them to cardboard to make the blocks.

With the blocks, I drafted the sundress pattern.

I traced Bitty's panties to make a panty pattern.

I got busy sewing.

I made the outfit!

I think my mission was accomplished.

MK out.

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Bev Shipley said...

What?? No pics of bitty baby wearing her outfit? You are awesome!