Friday, July 3, 2015

FO Friday - 7/3/2015

I cannot believe that I've already posted pictures of my latest FO all OVER the interwebs and almost forgot to post them here!!! Where's my head?

Here's the table runner I made for the June Camp Loopy fabric challenge:

Pattern: I Spy an African Beach (my own design)
Fabric: Moda Sun Drenched Batiks in Leaf, Sky and Gold, Moda Dreamcatcher Batiks in Ocean, and Timeless Treasures Tonga Batiks in Lime and Turquoise.

Here's the inspiration picture:

Comments: I had originally purchased the  lime for the backing and the turquoise for the binding. This project had no outline - I made each decision as I came to each step. 

After I put the pinwheel blocks together, I decided I should add sashing and I liked the lime; so, I used some of that. 

Then, I decided to make a border and wanted to make it with diagonal strips with the other fabrics, but added some of the turquoise for that.

There was one fabric that I didn't use anywhere else; so, I made the binding with that.

I made a scrappy backing since I robbed some of the lime for the front.

I quilted by stitching in the ditch.

What I learned: I made my own binding! I have quilted very small projects in the past. I even have a wall hanging that has been a WIP for the last twenty years. (You read that right.)  I have machine pieced it and am about hallway done with the hand quilting. the past, I've used purchased binding; so, now I feel really smart that I can make my own. :)

MK out.


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