Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday - 4/15/2015

I have finished all the knitting for my second project for this semester at Loopy Academy:

I'm making French Press Slippers:

I will assemble the slippers and then I will felt them. Since my new washer is of the high efficiency variety, it isn't as easy to manipulate the cycle as my former machine. I didn't want the item to have to go through the entire wash cycle however many times it would take to felt. Each cycle lasts about 45 minutes! I was bummed until a Loopy Groupie pointed me in this direction:

It's the Wonder Washer and it sits on the counter.

Stay tuned.

MK out.


Bev Shipley said...

That looks interesting! I thought it was a blender. haha.

Knitphomaniac said...

I thought it was a blender too.....I just did my felting last night....but mine could stand for some let me know how it goes!