Friday, April 3, 2015

FO Friday - 4/3/2015

Several years ago, I bought an Absolutely Fabulous Throw kit in the amethyst colorway from The Woolie Ewe. It marinated in my stash until last year. In January, I decided the time was right and I started it. After about 12 rows, other projects jumped the line in front of it; so, it went into hibernation. 

This January, if you remember, I pulled it out while assessing the state of the WIPs and it still looked the same as last January. (Imagine.)

In March, we set out on a ski trip and I decided it should come along. Now, it is finished.

It looks perfect in the master.

Happy Half-Birthday to me!

MK out.


Lorette said...

I have the same kit in the same color. Maybe I should actually knit it someday. :-)

Knitphomaniac said...

I love it!