Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 10/4/2011 I do! I do!

This week, Carole wants us to tell Ten Things You Like About Weddings.

1.  I like weddings for many reasons, but the top number one reason for me is the wedding cake.  I like it plain the best, but I will eat all the foofy fillings and icing flavors...I don't care - just let me eat cake!
2.  I get to dress up! (usually)
3.  I look forward to seeing the wedding dress.
4.  I love the people, whether it is seeing old friends or making new ones.
5.  It's fun to see what special touches a bride incorporates into her big day - from the invitation to the place cards to how the venue is decorated.
6.  I must have been a member of royalty in a previous life, because I love the pomp and circumstance of a wedding.
7.  Flowers make me smile.
8.  Music is uplifting during the ceremony, and if the band or DJ offers up Play That Funky Music at the reception, it's always a plus.
9.  It is always interesting to see the food offered at the reception...and I like it all!
10.  I love that the day is all about love.

MK out.

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