Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday - 8/10/2011

Howdy, howdy!

The theme for this week's WIP Wednesday is socks.  On Sunday morning, fresh off the wonderful high after attending Sock Summit 2011- it took me a whole week to come down - I noticed that the June socks were not finished, the July socks were not started and the August socks weren't even a thought.

I promptly started the July 2011 socks that afternoon.  I decided to make them toe-up and I used a short-row method to get them going.  I really like working with this yarn.  It is Lone Star Arts Fusion in the Aggieland colorway.  As I've mentioned before, it looks more red than maroon to me, but I love red; so, I'm good with it.  Anyway, the yarn has a nice twist to it, and it feels good in my hands.  I am using 2.0mm (US 0) circulars.  Since they kind of look like peppermint candy to me...and I love peppermint candy at Christmas time...they are my (Christmas in) July 2011 Socks:

I picked up the June 2010 socks yesterday and transferred one onto my 2.0mm Signature Needle Arts double points.  Love these needles - and look out!  They are really sharp, but I digress...Anyway, I searched my library for a short-row heel.  I wanted a short-row in stockinette - and not a Turkish heel - a real short-row heel.  Lucy Neatby does a great garter stitch short-row heel, but I had my heart set on stockinette.  I found one in Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitting Socks. I think I really like it so far:

The plan for today is to work both heels on the June socks and get the July socks to the point where it's time to work the (I'm thinking short-row again) heels.  Then, I think I will find the yarn and pattern I want to use for the August socks.  I might even get them started today.

MK out.

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IslandPearl said...

Loving the peppermint!!

Wish I could wear socks. (No I don't...I like bare feets too much!!)