Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - 7/19/2011 - Pass the Hawaiian Tropic!

Carole came up with another fun topic for Ten on Tuesday: 10 Favorite Beach Songs.

The reason I like this topic is because I grew up on that beautiful barrier island, known affectionately as The G.  Pretty much all my favorite songs in my teen and college years could be my favorite beach songs.  I'll try to make sure to include ones with actual beachy-ness...here we go with ten of them:

1.  Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft.
2.  Hotel California by The Eagles
3.  Fun, Fun, Fun by The Beach Boys
4.  Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
5.  Catch a Wave by The Beach Boys
6.  Surf City by Jan and Dean
7.  Vacation by The Go Gos
8.  California Dreaming by The Mommas and The Poppas
9.  Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells...I liked listening to this one on the beach...Don't ask me why.
10.  Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry...because I listened to this one a lot!

This topic is really appropriate, because we just got back from a trip to The G and to Florida.  Unfortunately, I only got to swim once in the whole eleven days.  It was fun, despite not actually stepping on the beach except for that one time though.

On the way to Florida, we found a fun, local place to eat in Mobile, Alabama:

While in Naples, the fire alarm went off at 0311 one morning:

Yep, we all were standing outside in various forms of dress, but luckily for the crowd, this picture is not very clear and the hedges are in the way:

In Fort Lauderdale, we ate at a cool place called The Rustic Inn - famous for their crabs:

On the way home, we timed it just right to be able to eat lunch in Destin, Florida.  I didn't take a picture at the restaurant - we sat overlooking the beach and the frolicking on it - but I did get a shot of the shore...

...and of the bay side:

Although it was hot and humid in Florida, it was way better than the triple digits back home. 

MK out.


Beverly said...

Love the pictures! Hotel California gave me a nightmare once! Crazy!

Knitrageous said...

Great list! Glad you had a good trip.