Monday, July 4, 2011

Movie Monday - 7/4/2011

Happy Fourth!

This week's selections:

My man Mark Ruffalo stars in XX/XY, playing Coles – a guy who can’t seem to dance with the one he brung. He meets Sam and her wild roommate Thea when the three of them are in college. Coles and Sam hook up, but break up after he has a one night stand. They run into each other ten years later. He is in a 5-yr relationship with Claire by then, and Sam has just returned to the States after breaking off her engagement. The chemistry between the two of them is still strong. It was an interesting study of chasing after, as well as defining, happiness.

Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her is an old movie with many good actresses in it – Glenn Close, Amy Brenneman, Kathy Baker, Cameron Diaz, Holly Hunter and Calista Flockhart – and each woman has a story.  Interestingly, the stories are interconnected to some degree.  The stories and the character studies are very good.  I’ve seen this movie before, but I don’t think I commented about it.  I liked it.

Night on Earth is an even older movie that I’ve always wanted to see because Winona Ryder and Gena Rowlands are in it.  There are many other good actors in it too:  Armin Mueller-Stahl, Robert Benigni, Rosy Perez and Giancarlo Esposito, to name a few.  When I saw it coming on Showtime, I recorded it.  There are five different vignettes, taking place in a cab in the middle of the night, in five different cities.  Each story doesn’t really have an end…the problems of the world are not solved, but the film is a great example of character study.  I really liked it.

In the animated feature, How to Train Your Dragon, a Viking chief’s son must capture and kill a dragon to prove his manhood and to earn the respect of his peers.  Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill and Craig Ferguson lent their voices to the characters.  It was cute and I liked it.

I saw Beginners in the theater.  The title seems to be referring to people who are beginners in life and in affairs of the heart.  Ewen McGregor plays Oliver.  His parents have been married for almost 40 years, yet, when his mother dies, his father, Hal (Christopher Plummer) announces to him that he is gay.  Thus, Hal begins his life as a gay man.  Oliver has had several relationships in the past, but he has a problem with commitment.  Both men meet people, played by Goran Visngic and Melanie Laurent, with whom they try their hands at love.  It was a serious movie with amusing parts…and it was very good.  You will love the dog.

MK out.

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