Monday, June 7, 2010

Seriously Bummed

I have a list of things that are bumming me out right now:
1.  I have a headache.
2.  It is really hot.
3.  Lost is over forever.  I will write more about that topic later this week.
4.  I started a cute little top yesterday.  I had checked a gauge swatch and it was right on the money.  The gauge was determined on stockinette stitch.  There is very little straight stockinette stitch in this top.  I tend to knit a little "loose" so, I decided to go down a size.  I cast on, knit for about 2 inches and noticed that it looked a little wide.  I measured it and it was about 7 inches wider than the schematic tells me it should be.  Not convinced by the math, I measured it against the top I recently made that I wish wasn't so big on me...

I think I have to take out at least two repeats of the pattern.  Bummer.  I like the yarn - It's Mirasol wach'i - 100% cotton, but not too hard on my hands.  The needles are the new circulars by Signature.  I love them!  These are size 6.  I also bought some in sizes 5 and 7.  Love, love, love them.  Mwah!  ( I love that Teresa Giudice!)

MK out.

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