Friday, June 11, 2010

Back to the Island...

I haven't written my thoughts about the Lost series finale up to now, because I needed a little time to digest everything. There really is a lot to take in. To tell you the truth, I felt a little cheated at first right after watching the last episode. Then, I read a few blogs and thought about it some more. Overall, I am happy with how the show ended.

I can accept that the Island has been there for a long time - The Egyptian artifacts were probably put there by real Egyptians a long time ago - about the same time that they were building pyramids and statues in Egypt. I don't really care how they came to the Island in order to do that.

I can accept that the Island keeps the balance of good and evil in the world. I don't need to know the scientific explanation about how that is accomplished.

I can accept that the Island has had protectors since time began. I can accept that Jacob created the devil in his evil twin (ET) - and that he desired to destroy him, but couldn’t by himself. I like the idea that he would bring people to the Island 1. to be candidates for protecting the Island and 2. to kill ET since he couldn’t do it himself. However, ET would end up corrupting the people and causing them to kill one another.

I can accept that the Dharma people were just another group of people brought to the Island to kill ET, even though they thought they had their own agenda.

I can accept that everything that happened on the Island happened.

I can accept that our Losties were the most important people in each others lives, and went through the whole experience with one another. It makes sense that they would wait for each one to die before they moved on to the next thing together.

I can accept the “Fate” vs. “Free Will” theme, as well as the “Faith” vs. “Science” theme of the show.

The people who seem to be having the most trouble with the ending are the “Men (& Women) of Science” that I know. They want concrete answers to how everything worked and why it worked. I am happy with believing that it did. After all, this show is science fiction. I find that when watching science fiction, one has to have a little faith that things work out the way that they do.

MK out.


IslandPearl said...

I loved the end. I didn't expect to get ALL the answers to EVERYTHING, because that's just not how things work.

I thought that it was a beautiful way to conclude. And I thought that the Jacob and his brother episode helped that resolution along...but illustrating that the island ever was, and all the others (and the Others, LOL) were just people along the way.

I know that a lot of people were disappointed though. And if I were to hazard a guess, the average age of the "disappointees" is about 18.

Jennifer said...

I loved the ending as well. It took a day or so, and some convincing by reading other folks' take on it. But once I processed it all, it made perfect sense and I was very happy with what was revealed. And the clues were really there all along, with the "man of faith/man of science", "dead is dead", and "what happened, happened" titles and themes. I was happy that the whys and wherefores of the island didn't really matter, and what mattered were the people and the relationships. I liked that ultimately, it was primarily about Jack's journey.