Thursday, May 20, 2010

May Means...

…season and series finales!

I watch a lot of television. I TiVo my favorite shows. I either work out to them in the mornings or just watch them when I have time. Sometimes, it takes me a while to work through my recorded shows, but I try to stay current.

Lost is my penultimate favorite show. It is in its sixth and final season, and the series finale is a two hour extravaganza, which follows a two hour extravaganza of a review of the series, all on this Sunday night. I.cannot.wait. but I will miss the show.

I watch Grey’s Anatomy because ER is over forever, although Grey’s is not a good substitute. It is quite entertaining though, but not in a realistic sort of way. Scrubs was more realistic than GA in many ways. Still, I like it. Their season finale was on tonight, but I didn’t want to watch it live…I want to whiz through the commercials for this one.

Private Practice is a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off. The two shows sometimes have crossover episodes. I don’t like it as well as I do GA, but it keeps me watching in a train wreck kind of way. I wonder why the writers don’t introduce new characters to be love interests for these people, because they continually engage in incestuous relationships amongst themselves. They just don’t date outside the group. Ew. Anyway, there were no cliffhangers in the season finale. I think I’ll be able to wait until the fall.

I like watching Brothers and Sisters just because. It’s another show without a cliffhanging season finale.

Desperate Housewives is silly, but fun.

I watch The New Adventures of Old Christine because I just love Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She is an exceptional comedic actress. She just cracks me up.

Cougar Town….Yeah…I watch that one.

I do watch a few reality shows:
Kirstie Alley’s Big Life is just dumb. I don’t think I will be watching this show for much longer.

Tori and Dean – Home Sweet Hollywood – I like to watch this show because the kids are cute.

Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels – I really like this show and marvel at the fact Gene and Shannon managed to raise such well adjusted kids in their not very conventional lifestyle. I mean, seriously, how many people do you know whose fathers are rockers? See. My favorite episode from this season is the one in which Shannon had a tazer party and invited the mother of Sophie's like/love interest.  OMG.

The Real Housewives of New York City – They started out being the classiest of the Real Housewives franchise, but this season…They are acting so high school. There was drama from the first episode of this season. I am not as enamored with this show as I was in the beginning…I keep watching because it has turned into a train wreck and I.can’t.stop.watching. Last season, they added Kelly – and I still don’t like her. This season, they’ve added Sonja. She is interesting.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – They started out as a train wreck and they made no apologies. OMG!!! Danielle is a drama queen pot stirrer. There…I said it.

Sunset Daze – This show chronicles the adventures of a group of seniors living in a retirement community in Surprise, Arizona. There is life after retirement.

MK out.


Jennifer said...

I'm just catching up on my blog surfing. LOL!

Had to reply to your TV post. Lost is the greatest. I'm now loving Friday Night Lights. Arguably REALLY the best show on TV, b/c it's great in a very quiet and low-key way. You should check it out.

My sister mentioned Brothers and Sisters to me a while back, but during this past season so I still haven't watched it. I am all caught up except for waiting for this season on DVD and I am loving it. The Walker family is totally silly fun and I adore the family dinners beyond all normal reason.

Oddly I would turn off the TV after Desperate Housewives to keep from adding another show to my list (B&S), and yet I kept the TV on after Grey's Anatomy and watch that horrible and stupid Private Practice. I HATE it, and yet I watch. Go figure. GA won me over big time with the finale this year. Some of the best stuff they have done in years. I love that you call PP relationships incestuous, b/c that is exactly what they are. Creepy!

Merry Karma said...

Jenn - since this post, I have taken Private Practice off my TiVo list...and I can't say that I've missed it.

Love B&S!!!