Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Story So Far...

After 5 sessions with Debbie totalling 27 hours in November, 27 bags were donated to charity, 11 were taken to the curb and 3 were sent to recycling. The bags are 30-gallon size, in case you are wondering.

Not much movie watching or knitting has been going on. When Debbie leaves, there is homework to be done - inventorying the charity donations, delivering the bags, clearing out bins of things that have an identified place, more decrapifying on my own, and general picking up.

Then, there's that Christmas thing. I did remember how to print labels. Christmas is saved! The Husb purchased a prelit tree before his deadline on Friday. We picked it up Saturday. He put it together Sunday. (Technically, he missed his deadline, but he's so cute, I couldn't get too mad about it.) The ornaments are not on it yet. (That's my part. I've got to get busy, but please refer to previous paragraph.) I do have two of the three parcels I have to mail for Christmas in the post. I've started wrapping presents.

I think I will make it after all.

For my knitting sisters: I saw this tree at the nursery when we were picking up our tree. It is full of knitted ornaments.
Cute, but I don't see myself knitting Christmas ornaments anytime soon.
MK out.

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IslandPearl said...

Glad you sorted the labels thing. I lucked into it (on the second try!)

I envy your purging. Wish I had the energy (and gumption!) to do that. Lord knows it would take a ton, cuz I've a ton to give up.