Tuesday, November 3, 2009

V...They're Coming

The original 1980s science fiction television series started out with a 200 minute mini series and a sequel about aliens known as Visitors, who came to Earth with an agenda. They offered to share their advanced technology in exchange for minerals and chemicals needed for their world. A photojournalist boards one of their ships and discovers that the Visitors are really reptiles disguised as humanoids who eat rodents and birds. He takes pictures of them secretly and plans to expose them to the world.

Can I tell you how riveted to the television I was, watching this show?

And guess what?...They remade it and the series starts tonight.

MK out.


Lorette said...

Oh my God. I LOVED the old show. They've been showing the reruns this week, and I've been watching it in prep for the new pilot tonight. It is campy, cheesy, and oh-so serious. And that 80's hair! I have the tivo all set up.

Merry Karma said...

I had a serious crush on Marc Singer at the time...Well, only during the show.