Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sock Summit Report - Part 2

The next day was a continuation of vendor setup and the beginning of classes. Since class registration just about broke the server - with 30K simultaneous connections trying to fill 4K spots, I was not able to get into but one class. It was a good one - Hooked on Beads with Sivia Harding.

I liked the class. It was fun - and definitely prepared me to start my foray into embellishing my knitting. I think I'm ready to be a big girl and to knit a shawl out of laceweight yarn....I think.

Here's a picture of Sivia and me. She is wearing a pretty beaded shawl that she designed.

After the class, the marketplace opened for students only. You would have thought it contained the very last skeins of yarn and fiber and related goodies in the universe. It was like a yarn grab. There was singing (100 skeins of yarn on the wall...) and cheering when the doors opened.

I was helping Amy in the Madelinetosh informational booth. We were selling only her Limited Edition Dye for Glory entry - the Skinnamarink colorway. It was the runner up in the watercolor division. I didn't take a picture, of course, but it is a pretty colorway. We spent the rest of the time directing people to the vendors who were carrying her yarns and doing a little bit of knitting. It was great fun meeting people - some of whom I have only interacted with online.

Since Amy and I were bushed, we went straight to our hotel, dropped our stuff and went to dinner. I missed the opening ceremonies, but they've been discussed so much on Ravelry and the blogs, that I felt as if I were there.

MK out.

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