Friday, April 24, 2009

Day One of Fiber Fest

I am so lame...I did not take any pictures. If anybody went to the DFW Fiber Fest today and took pictures, please let me know and maybe you can e-mail some to me to post.

First of all, another board member and I were in charge of the fashion show tonight, and we spent most of the day getting things in order for it. Of course, we also each have other duties for the weekend, and had to carry them out too. I am in charge of vendors, and tried to check in with them periodically throughout the day to see if anyone needed anything. I booth sat for a vendor if he or she (usually she) had to take a potty break, or needed to walk around a bit to see what the other vendors were offering. Michelle had to check in with the teachers, and would get them water or whatever they needed. Anyway, in between those duties, we had to organize the door prizes and the garments for the Fashion Show. Michelle has much experience in putting on fashion shows; so, she took that part over, and she did a wonderful job. I did the door prizes, and I had fun fondling all the donations as I ordered them to be given away.

The fashion show seemed to be well received. We had designs from a two local artists, Lee Begelfer of Yarnover Lounge and Tricia Toole; a designer from Australia, Jenny King, who is one of our teachers this year, the Woolie Ewe loaned us some shop models, and Anthropologie loaned us some of their garments. Lee helped us find three models. (Tricia was one of them,) and I had my friend and her teenaged daughter lined up to model also. Unfortunately, the daughter broke her finger yesterday in a high school powder puff football game, and she had surgery today; so, they couldn't participate, and both were looking forward to it. We had to recruit some people today - and we found two good ones who thought they were volunteering to help set up for the fashion show, but little did they know. Our star model was 5-year old Laurel, who really warmed up to her duties on her third and final time on the stage. She was precious.

I'm glad this night is behind me. I was able to enjoy the fashion show, even though there was the stress of putting it together, but I am happy that my only pressing duty tomorrow is to keep the vendors happy...

...and to take some pictures for the blog.

I'm bushed...going to bed.

MK out.


Paulah said...

I missed the fashion show!! I went there on saturday and loved it! I have some pics on my flickr if you find anything that you would like to link (is at , and blogged )

I really LOVED it. You guys were awsome organizers

Tasha said...

We had fun - I hope we weren't too rowdy. Thanks - I know it's a ton of work.

Merry Karma said...

Paulah - Thanks for the link and your nice comments.

Tasha - Y'all were having fun while doing a nice thing. Thank you - I'm glad you had fun.