Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Woman's Perogative... that she can change her mind.

I know I said that I wasn't going to purchase any yarn at the big end-of-the-year blowout sale at one of my favorite yarn shops...

First of all, I purchased Lucy Neatby's "Knitting Essentials 2" at the presale the other day.

I knew I wanted to purchase some of Lucy Neatby's DVDs; so, today I grabbed the "Gems" 1 through 4. I've been meaning to get the Yarnharlot's latest book; so, I grabbed a copy. I looked at two other books, and decided against them. My partner in the check out line had been finding neat yarn all day long and adding it to her pile. I kept saying, "I'm not getting any.more.yarn." I was firm in my conviction of not buying any.more.yarn until the last couple of hours of the sale. One of the other check out girls wanted to make a lace shawl and had found some Zephyr Wool/Silk. I considered that I would like to make a lace shawl, and I like the Zephyr; so, I walked over to where it lived, and picked out two balls of it in a pretty color named Ruby.

I caved.

So, sue me.

In other news, I was uploading my pictures for this post, and I had a cute one of my friend Kristina. She was the very first one in line this morning, waiting for the sale to start at 0600. I don't know how early she got there for that distinction, but she was holding the #1 ticket. The first 1-something in line, that got one of those numbered tickets...They received a little more of a discount for the sale. Anyway, two of my family members were talking with me while I was in the middle of downloading pictures, and I answered "Yes" when I should have answered "No," and it deleted today's photos from my camera. I have my new haul here at the house; so, I was able to take another picture of it, but no such luck with that picture of Kristina. Sorry. Y'all should have seen it...It really was cute.

No new movies today.

MK out.

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