Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fifty-one Cent

No, I will not be discussing any rap stars.

When I go for my power walks, I usually find a penny. Today, I found one quarter, one dime, three nickels and one penny. That equals fifty-one cents. I am so happy!!! Seriously? Yep...seriously.

Speaking of Seriously?, here's the post that was supposed to be: There is a sock yarn colorway by sKNITches called Seriously? in honor of the tee vee show, Grey's Anatomy. Y'all know I'm a fan. The name comes from the colors in the yarn - Anatomy Red, Blue Scrubs, Lab Coat White and Meredith's Grey. Clever, huh?

Here are my socks two days ago. They are my July Socks. Yes, I realize it is August, and there is only about 3 inches of knitting there.

I've been in a sort of non-knitting zone for the last few weeks. I'll knit a little here and there, but not much progress is being made. More than that, something has been bothering me about these socks. I love the 2-by-2 rib. I'm even thinking about doing a short-row heel, because it will give me a cute little bullseye effect. I figured out what I did not like. Check out the cast on edge. I didn't like that teensy bit of grey at the top. Had it been a few rows of grey - no biggie. So, for the last two weeks, I've been debating about what to do. Yesterday, I frogged the socks and started over. Seriously? Yep...seriously.

In other news, here is the progress on my June Socks. Seriously? Yep...seriously.

MK out.


Sooz said...

I love the colours in your stripey socks - they are fab!

Are you using the magic loop method to knit them?? This is something that I have yet to try... is it easy?

Merry Karma said...

Yes - using Magic Loop. It is easy - I learned it using the little booklet and sitting down with a long circ and following the instructions step-by-step. I'm sure you will be able to do it!