Wednesday, January 9, 2019

WIP Wednesday - 1/9/2019

Happy New Year people!!!

This October will ring in a big birthday for know, the kind that ends in 0. Since it's the new year and all, I've been taking stock. I'm a fairly organized person, but if you guys looked in some of my closets right now, you would think otherwise. I've let my paperwork managing skills fall by the wayside over the past 15 years for many reasons that I won't elucidate here. 

Y'all might remember that I did a big decrapification of my house about 10 years ago. Well, since then we've moved, and there was further decrapifying, but the paper monster followed me here, and it's gotten scarier. It's taken residence...without paying rent. I think it's time for an eviction.

Last week, I was reflecting, as one frequently does at the beginning of a new year, that my mind doesn't feel as peaceful as it could. I thought about all the things that might be causing this unrest. As I was looking for something in my office closet, I realized that I felt uneasy standing in there.

I noticed the same discomfort in a few other closets. I examined the contents of the closets and besides finding a little general clutter, I noted bags and boxes full of paper. Paper that needed to be filed. Paper that needed to be shredded. Paper that required some other action. I came to the realization that in regards to paper management, I had been doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

About the same time, the universe sent me a message about a workshop to go paperless. I checked into it and decided to join. I've declared this year to be The Year of MK. My birthday present to me is to whip my house into shape and achieve the peace of mind I deserve.

Today, I spent some time in my office. 

I'm sorry I didn't take a before picture. I'm showing you a during picture. The office has become a bit of a dumping ground for boxes and containers of paper. (Maybe, because the closets are already full?) The plan is to spend 15 minutes most days doing a little decluttering. I got a little zealous today and worked for 30 minutes.

These two crates were full of papers that needed either shredding or recycling. Now, I can repurpose them.

Finally, here's a little knitting content:

I'm making a Humulus sweater using Madelinetosh DK Twist.

MK out.

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