Friday, November 6, 2015

FO Friday - 11/6/2015

I have stuff! Unfortunately, it's not newly finished stuff, because I can't seem to do the finish work on my Loopy Academy semester projects for some reason...

The Lone Star State Knitters had a scarf swap this fall. I had to get the package for my recipient ready ahead of time, since we were going to be out of town when it was time to mail them. In my haste in finishing it, wrapping up the package and giving it to my neighbor with instructions to mail it out on October 1st, I forgot to take a picture. Thankfully, my recipient did and here it is:

I used the Gallatin Scarf pattern and the yarn is Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme Batik.

Anyway, back in September when we were in Europe, I made some hats to give to the male relatives. The gift box is heavy on girly things - I had plenty of gifts for the female relatives...but for the males, well...not so much.

So, I made these hats:

I used Encore for the ease of washing. The pattern is a slightly modified version of my go-to-boy-hat aka #30 Cool Hats by Nancy J. Thomas. The recipients liked them.

In October, I finished three hat and booties sets to donate to the church for the Greek Festival.

I winged the hat and topped it with a Chrysanthemum flower. I used the Seamless Baby Booties pattern for the feets covers.

I winged this hat too - pom pom and all - and again used the Seamless Baby Booties pattern.

For this ensemble, I used the Apple Hat and Baby Booties patterns.

I used Sirdars Dreambaby DK leftovers for all.

I am working on Loopy Academy fabric and yarn projects, as well we fabric projects to donate t the church. Hopefully, you will see them soon.

MK out.

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Annemieke said...

Your booties and hats are soo cute especially like the pink set.