Monday, January 12, 2015

Movie Monday - 1/12/2015

I really miss Roger Ebert. He was my movie mentor. Through the years, he recommended many films for me to watch on his television show At the Movies with Gene Siskel, and later with Richard Roeper. When he got sick, he continued his movie reviews on his blog.  Life Itself is a documentary based on Elbert's autobiography of the same name. The thing that comes through this film for me is his humanity.  For that, I miss him too. It was very good.

The Lost Boys of Sudan is the name that was given to the tens of thousands of southern Sudanese children and teens that were displaced and/or orphaned during the Second  Sudanese Civil War. Reece Witherspoon stars in The Good Lie, in which she plays a job counselor trying to find jobs for some of these people who were relocated to the United States. The lead actors who played the relocated teens/young adults were somehow affected by that civil war before they fled their homes. It was a good movie.

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