Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday - 4/2/2014

Remember this sweater?  

It's been OTN for a year...for realz.  I figured I should finish it since I just bought yarn to make two sweaters.  My reward for finishing it is starting one of the sweaters when I do.

I started Issey on huge first day of Fiber Fest.  

I had to start over a few times.  The first time was because I didn't see the iconic words "work in pleating pattern" while I was setting up and creating the sharp tip of the scarf.  I was working in plain, old one-by-one ribbing.  The other couple of times, I had to start over because I was watching tee vee and trying to follow the chart at the same time.  The repeat isn't that hard, but when you have to work to the wrapped stitch, knit the wrapped stitch, work two more stitches in pattern and wrap and turn again - well, it requires a teeny bit of concentration.  Just enough...and I obviously wasn't paying attention.  

The yarn is the yummy Happiness on Madelinetosh Pashmina Sport.  I picked it up at Happy Knits in Portland, OR.  

Those are the projects this week.

MK out.


Anonymous said...

Love your needles... What brand are they?
Great projects of yours :)

Merry Karma said...

Hello. Thank you for your comment. The wooden ones are Lantern Moon and the metal ones are Signature.