Saturday, October 26, 2013

It's Fall, and I Like It...

So, here we are...I took a walk earlier today, because the forecast has rain in it, but haven't seen any yet.  If I had not taken the walk right away, chances are it would have started pouring hours ago and the walk would not have occurred...

It's my favorite time of the year.  I just love Fall.  I love it so much, I capitalize it.  On my walk this morning, I looked at my begonias that were planted in March of 2011:


These are the only plants from that year that have survived.  Does anyone know if I can transplant these two beauties?  Would they survive if I pot them and keep them inside for the cold months and then plant them outside next spring? 

One of my neighbors always decorates her yard for Halloween:

I just love the Witch's clothesline:

I asked my knitting group about updating browsers for free because I am cheap. One of my good friends suggested that I use Chrome.  The significance of her help - (and thank you very much BRae) - is that I might be able to blog more regularly again. 

MK out.

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Always Alice said...

I can not think of one reason why you shouldn't try and move those begonias. They are pretty hardy plants.