Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - 11/6/2012

Carole's topic today is Ten Things on My Mind Right Now.  Here are the  thoughts jumbling around in my head:

1.  Is that the upstairs toilet running again?
2.  The kitchen cabinets need a little decrapification.
3.  I could use that yarn I won to make some hats and send them to hurricane victims.
4.  When is my next hair appointment?
5.  I should schedule pedicure appointments for this month and next and have them on the books, instead of trying to get one at the last minute when no one can fit me in their schedule.
6.  I need a massage and I have no time.
7.  What can I make for dinner tonight?
8.  Where is my phone?
9.  Thanksgiving is coming...
10.  I need to get myself together, because I need to go vote!

If you haven't already, go vote today! 

MK out.


Donna said...

I have many cabinets that need descrapification! I'll get to it soon I hope!

Knitrageous said...

Love this topic! I'm so random it would change before I finished! :)