Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday... Barbie. She turns FIFTY today.

Barbie and I are compadres in the age department, although she is a few months older than me. Of course, she was born a full-grown teenager; so, technically, she is lots older than I am.

Not too much going on these days, except we are in the thick of baseball tournament season. The Wildcats have won ten out of eleven games. Go Wildcats!!!

I've been doing a little knitting, but have been stalled on the Kid's sweater, as well as my gathered pullover. Those darned June 2008 socks are still languishing too. Oh well. Everything will get done eventually.

I haven't been to the movie theater lately. There have not been many movies that I am dying to see. There is always this lull right after the, we are about to hit the stupid movie season - summer.

I've watched a few DVDs though. I need to find the list and write up a few opinions...

MK out.

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