Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

My friend Nancy tagged me for this meme. Here goes:

1. I took singing lessons before I got into PA school, just so if someone should happen to "catch" me singing, he or she wouldn't run away covering their ears from the horror of it.*


2. I am an Olympics purist. I think that the Olympics should include just track and field. I do not think that any sport that involves a ball, a puck, a stick, a racquet, a sled - you get the idea - should be a part of the Olympics. I do make allowances for swimming and gymnastics.

However, the fact that I think hockey, basketball or beach volleyball should not be Olympic sports does not deter me from watching any of the competitions.

3. I took several masters level classes in fashion design a while back. I have no delusions of trying out for Project Runway.

4. I would like to perform in community theater someday...but not sing.

5. I would like to meet Stevie Nicks in real life.

6. My toenails have to be painted at all times. My fingernails don't.

*I wouldn't recommend you trying to "catch" me singing anytime soon.

Tag...You're it!



Jorge - (as if he reads my blog)




MK out.

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Lorette said...

I'm with you on the Olympics thing. My husband got tired of me yelling at the TV "beach volleyball is not an Olympic sport!"

My emails to you from blog comments are bouncing, have you changed email again?