Monday, March 28, 2016

Movie Monday - 3/28/2016

Quick like!

In The Other Woman, Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton play three women who are involved with the same man. They soon find out about each other and decide to collaborate and take revenge on him. It was cute and predictable.

Sage (Julia Garner) needs some help and turns to the only person who can help - her grandmother, Elle (Lily Tomlin). Grandma follows the pair on the wild ride that ensues. The film was a little more serious than it appears at first glance. Marcia Gay Harden and Sam Elliot also star. It was good.

Loosely based on a real person, Lee Daniels' The Butler follows a young man from his young days as a slave on a Georgia plantation to the White House. There, he spends over three decades as a butler with a front row view of political and social changes in American history. Forest Whitaker stars as Cecil Gaines, the main character. Many big names also star in this film, including Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda and Robin Williams. 

I watched (via On Demand because The Husb wanted to see it) Creed. Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as Rocky Balboa. Thankfully, Rocky is now long retired from the ring, but he mentors Apollo's son (Michael B. Jordan) in his quest to become a professional boxer. The film is definitely predictable, but fans of the Rocky series will love it. Me, not so much.

MK out.

FO Friday - 3/18/2016

I finished the Loopy's March Monthly Mixer fabric project. 

Yay! (February's is not quite finished. I rushed this one because it is a gift and I'd be seeing the recipient very soon.)

The assignment was M is for Mars. We had to take a pattern or fabric whose manufacturer or collection name or color's name started with the letter M.

I think the Makower Cats collection fit the bill.

I used the Strip Tango Baby Quilt tutorial.

MK out.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

WIP Wednesday - 3/16/2016

Since I finished the quilt sandwich the other day and it's ready to gift, I am now turning my attention to project two out of three for Loopy Academy. It's also my February Loopy Monthly Mixer project. I like the monthly mixers because there is no deadline. I will try to get them finished within the assigned month, but sometimes, like now, it may not work out that way.

Anyway, here's the update picture of the little hoodie I'm making:

Hopefully, blocking will cure some of the curling issues, but I'm not naive enough to think it will take care of everything.

MK out

Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Quilt Sandwich...

...It's what's for dinner.

MK out.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Movie Monday - 3/7/2016

Now that award season is over, I am looking forward to seeing what the new collection of films will bring. In the meantime, I've been catching up on other movies I've missed through the months and years.

Patricia Clarkson and Ben Kingsley team up in Learning to Drive, to portray two people from very different backgrounds. New Yorker Wendy (Clarkson) is getting divorced and decides she wants to learn how to drive.  Darwan(Kingsley), originally from India, teaches people how to drive. During their time together, each one learns much from the other. It was very, very good.

Iris is a documentary about Iris Apfel, the 90-something, New York style maven of fashion and interior design. She has quite a wealth of experience and knowledge. She has traveled the world collecting clothing, accessories and textiles for her personal use, as well as foe her past businesses. Her personal style of dress is big and her astounding collection of accessories helps her live out loud. This film is a delightful peak into her life. I enjoyed it.

In The Intern, Robert De Niro plays Ben, a retired 70-year-old who answers an ad for unorthodox new program a hipster company has placed. They are looking for senior, as in older people, interns. Anne Hathaway plays Jules, the head of the company. At first, Jules isn't so sure about this old man who is assigned to her, but soon she starts to see the possibilities. It was very delightful to watch. I liked this movie.

That's all for this week.

MK out.